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Welcome to Effortless Inclusion

Effortless Inclusion is run alongside The Effortless Bow, an inclusive studio that employees individuals with disabilities.  The purpose of Effortless Inclusion is to provide education on different ways to accommodate and employ individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Mary Spargur


Owner of The Effortless Bow

Mary is the founder and CEO of Effortless Inclusion. She is passionate about creating a more inclusive community and providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. With her leadership, Effortless Inclusion is sharing and educating others on how to make inclusion possible in all settings.


Mary is a creative mom of two who is passionate about supporting and empowering others even when no one else can see their worth.  She has made it her mission to seek out the positive experiences in life for herself and others.   and create them when necessary!

Early in life, Mary developed a desire to empower and support individuals while navigating life. She became passionate about providing encouragement to parents of children with disabilities, accepting everyone as they are, and making sure every individual knows they bring value to this world!!​

Mary has a Bachelor’s & Master's degree in Special Education- Intellectual Disabilities. She spent 11 years in the classroom as a special education teacher working with students of all abilities and medical complexities.   In 2021, She left the classroom behind to build her business, The Effortless Bow.

In her creative studio, Mary and her team create handmade hair accessories for girls of all ages. They create bows and headbands made from a variety of materials. But more importantly, Mary focuses on cultivating a positive inclusive work space, providing socially valuable experiences, and bringing the community together. It is her mission to bring positivity to disability inclusion by creating that in her own studio and sharing how to with others.

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